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A good quality mattress acts as the backbone for a relaxed night’s sleep. It not only improves posture and relaxes the muscles, but also contours to your body shape, thereby extending complete refreshment and rejuvenation to the mind, body and soul. However, when considering the top-rated Best Mattress Online, the following factors should be considered before narrowing down your search window on any particular one. 

  • How firm the mattress is- soft, medium or extra soft
  • Material type- Memory foam, latex or spring
  • Budget- The amount you are ready to shell out 

Even though price alone cannot decide which mattress you should buy, chalking out a mattress budget would lead you to pick the right one up after considering the other specifications stand as per your sleep preference and suitability.

The following list presents some of the best mattresses available in India under INR 15,000

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic memory foam mattress

When looking for cheap and best mattresses online with great functionalities, under INR 15000, this one, from Wakefit, steals the show as it is light in weight, great for back pain, is made of high-quality memory foam and is even temperature-flexible. Moreover, it comes with a 100-day sleep trial offer and holds a warranty period of 20 years on manufacturing.

2. Sleepycat Gel memory foam mattress

The next in line amongst budget mattresses in India is the gel foam mattress by Sleepycat. It promises great motion isolation, is ideal for back and neck pain, and is made out of dense and high-quality memory foam which is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting, all at the same time.

All-in-all, it is an excellent choice when your mattress budget is limited, but you do not want to compromise on the quality and feel.

3. Sleepwell medium-soft and hard dual mattress

This mattress stands as one of the most economical and budget-friendly mattresses in India that comes with dual usage.

It is soft on one side and firm on the other and therefore, can be used as per user preference and need of the hour. For the hard side, the rebonded foam has been used. 

The thickness of the mattress is 6 inches, and a premium quilted upholstery enhances the overall look and appeal of it. Contrarily, the high-quality PU foam used for the soft side extends complete support and comfort for a relaxing night’s sleep.

To sum it up, this mattress price in India is a steal as it fulfils every requirement of an ardent mattress buyer at the most competitive and affordable rate.

4. Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring

Are you still looking for more options for mattress budget below 15000 INR? No worries. Here is another mattress company that offers a medium-firm mattress that is good for people of all age groups.

It is a four-layer mattress base that consists of pocket springs which in turn extend a good bouncy feel to it. It is available in different sizes and varied thicknesses. Frankly speaking, it is one of the best budget mattresses with no compromise on quality.

Closing lines

When comparing mattress prices in India, do not forget to do your research. That way you might just be lucky to get the right tailor-made pick, as per your choice, which is also the lightest on your pocket. 

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