Finding the Right King-Size Mattress Bed

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Your sleep depends on the quality of your mattress, and your health depends on the quality of your sleep! So your top priority is to get the right mattress for yourself that should be comfortable. This means that you should get quality sleep without any problems such as motion transfer, your pressure points should be well supported, the spine should be well aligned preventing body aches. 

Like any other mattress, you need to look for comfort in your king size mattress as well. 

What You Should Know About King Size Mattress Beds

Before you buy a king size mattress, you should know the basics of king size beds! Here are some facts: 

1. Dimensions:

King size beds come in 2 sizes, King and California King. The usual measurements of a king-size bed would be 76 inches x 80 inches while a California king size bed measures 72 inches x 84 inches. Two adults and two children fit into these beds. Check the Mattress size guide to verify the dimensions. 

2. Motion Separation: 

You get 16 inches more in a King-sized bed compared to a Queen sized bed. The extra sleeping space provides motion isolation benefits since these beds are meant for couples. 

3. Room Size: 

If you consider the dimensions of a king size mattress bed, it’s quite obvious that you will need a room that should be at least 10 feet by 12 feet. Also, keep in mind that your bedroom might have other furniture apart from your king-size bed, and there should be adequate space for movement in your bedroom.

Buying a King Size Mattress Bed

There are leading online retailers in India that offer king size mattress beds. The mattress size chart will help you decide the right mattress for such beds. Here are the best choices for king-size beds:

1. Wakefit Andromeda Storage Sheesham Wood Bed

With dimensions of 78 inches by 60 inches, Wakefit is a great choice when it comes to king size mattress beds in India. The added benefit of choosing Wakefit would be they are the leading manufacturers of king size mattresses in India as well! You can get a custom size mattress from them. 

You get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, and it can be self-assembled. The frame is solid Sheesham Wood. 

2. Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder gives you great options for king size mattress beds. You get ample box storage with it. Scratch-resistant laminates are used on the outside. The design is relocation-friendly. The dimensions are 81 inches x 77 inches.

3. Pepperfry

The king-sized bed from Pepperfry has a provincial teak finish. It is 81 inches in length and 77 inches in width. You get a 3-year warranty. 

You Sleep Tight When the Bed Size is Right

Your bed and your mattress make all the difference when it comes to your sleep, so make sure you get the size right for your king size mattress bed

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