Best Mattresses You Can Buy Within 20,000

Best Mattresses

For good sleep, you will need a good mattress and that’s a fact. Without the support and comfort of a good mattress, you cannot give your body the rest it needs. When you use an old and weak mattress for a long period of time, it can affect your body in a negative way. People experience severe back pain, muscle aches, and fatigue when they use not so comfortable mattresses when they are sleeping. The best mattress in India delivers the convenience you were always looking for when sleeping.

With so many mattresses available in the market, you will have no problem is getting lots of options in the budget you have in mind. The price of a mattress usually depends on a lot of factors – brand, quality, size, etc. When you buy mattress online you can even get some extra discount as well. Do you think you can spare anywhere in the range of 20,000 for a good quality mattress? Then you can get your hands on some of the best mattresses in 2020.

In today’s blog, we will discuss with you about the top mattresses available under Rs.20,000. Take a look at them and choose your favorite.

1. Emma Memory Foam Mattress – available in 13 different sizes, you have the choice to choose whichever you want to. It comes with 100 days of the trial period as well. Made of German Build Quality and lasts for a much longer period than most other mattresses. A unique design and ache-free comfort allow you to get the maximum adaptability. It has 7 spinal support zones that facilitate smooth weight distribution all over the surface. The Aircell layer with an open-pore structure tends to make your body feel cozier. If you buy a mattress online, this is a true deal.

●        20 years manufacturer warranty

●        Designed in 13 different bed sizes

●        Perfect for back sleepers

●        Soft and exquisite cushioning

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Foam Mattress – you’ll be surprised to know that this mattress comes with more than 20 years of warranty. This mattress is filled with high-quality orthopaedic foam that envelops around your body. So, you experience advanced support when sleeping. Since a very good quality foam is used, the foam thickness helps to retain the mattress shape. Also, this orthopaedic mattress is flexible to temperature due to bigger foam cells. If you sweat a lot when sleeping, this will really help. Surely orthopaedic mattress price is more expensive than others, but it is worth it.

●        Comes with 100 days of the trial period

●        Lightweight and does not sag easily

●        Gives relief to back and neck pain

●        Available in customized sizes

3. SleepyCat – Gel Foam Mattress – designed with 6-inch thickness, the crucial layers of the mattress includes – netted cover, base, memory foam, and orthopedic gel. Premium GSM fabric has been used to build the outer layer of the mattress which adds to the durability. The best thing about this mattress is that it comes with removable ZIP on the top that makes it very easy to remove and clean whenever you want. You’ll love the fact that the material can absorb a lot of energy and that isolates any movement. So, whenever your partner moves on the bed, you will not feel a thing about it anymore.

●        30 day trial period

●        10 years of manufacturer warranty

●        Brilliant motion isolation

●        Excellent after-sales support

4. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress – one of the best mattress brand in India, Sleepyhead has offered 100 days of trial to their customers. The mattress comes with 4 different layers of base, each of which has unique functionality. You get a good amount of bounce and response from the mattress regardless of how you sleep. Also, the high-quality memory foam makes way for superb spinal alignment to the users. To facilitate a good amount of airflow, this mattress is covered with premium fabric.

●        10 years of manufacturer warranty

●        Brilliant movement isolation

●        Breathable outer covering

●        Offers superior back support

5. Sleepwell Dual Mattress – SleepWell, as you know is one of the top mattress brands in India. The best thing about this mattress is that it comes with dual-sided usage – one side is medium soft and the other is firm & hard. The mattress is 6 inches deep and offers great support to all kinds of sleepers. The soft PU foam is comfortable and gives a plush feel. The walls of this mattress are quilted with Airmesh fabric that helps to increase overall perforation.

●        Affordable and budget-friendly

●        Dual-sided usage

●        Very high-quality PU foam

●        3 years manufacturer warranty

Final Words – These are some of the best mattresses in India that you can get within a price of Rs.20,000. All these mattresses have their own set of benefits and unique features that make them really special. So, if you are planning to buy one, you can surely choose any of these for a peaceful sleep at night.

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