Analysing the price of your Best Mattress

Best Mattress

With so many mattress varieties in the market, it is definitely a challenge to figure out the perfect one for you. With the options of a Best Mattress online starting from as low as 5000-6000, you should really know what you are investing in and what you really expect from your mattress to get the best deal. 

You can’t really point at one thing that can decide the cost of a mattress. So the right price of your mattress would be defined by the qualities you expect out of it. Here is a basic guide that can help you understand the pricing aspect of mattresses and help you make the right choice.

#1. Mattress Types

Mattress Types

So for beginners, we have 6 major variants of mattresses available in India 

  • Coir: 

This is the most basic of all and hence the most affordable mattress available. However, these are very firm and tend to sag over time. 

  • Spring

These are slightly more sophisticated and more priced than the coir version; however, very bouncy. There is a high risk of the spring or coil getting damaged over time, and then it has to be replaced.

  • Foam 

If you have a back issue, then this will suit you. It is very durable and has a low motion transfer. However, it is not a great idea for people who sweat a lot or who live in hot weather conditions. Also, it gets uncomfortable if you are slightly heavier and tend to toss and turn a lot in your sleep.

This is a blessing for people with a spine issue. Like the foam mattress, this is also not ideal for hot climatic conditions unless you invest in one with open cell structure. It adapts to your body shape and distributes your body weight uniformly throughout giving you the best sleep that you can dream of. 

  • Latex

This has very few cons and is by far the most expensive of them all. Latex provides the softness of foam and couples it with the firmness of rubber. It aligns itself to your body contours and provides maximum comfort. They are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. However, finding a natural latex mattress is very difficult, and the synthetic variants are not that good. 

  • Hybrid 

This is usually the combination of a memory foam mattress and a spring mattress and is known for its superior comfort and support. They are more breathable when compared to memory foam. However, they are quite heavy, expensive and a botheration if you tend to move a lot in sleep.

#2. Size

The other factor that can determine the price of your mattress is its size or dimensions. The smaller the size, the more affordable it is. Generally, a single mattress would be less expensive when compared to a double, queen or king-size mattress of the same type.

#3. Brand

This also impacts the price of a brand. Normally, the bigger the brand and the better the customer reviews, the more will be its price. However, there are affordable brands like Wakefit that have a mattress to suit every pocket. You can find an assortment of different types of mattresses in every type and size. You can also get them customised as per your bed size. 

types of mattresses

To conclude,

When you buy a mattress online, don’t forget to check the mattress reviews online to analyse its durability and worth before making the purchase. Now that you know about these factors, it will be much easier for you to recognise the affordable price of mattresses and choose one that suits your needs.

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